Back pain Yoga (all levels)


A combination of breath and movement that will allow your spine to open, alleviate and relieve pain. This is a practice designed for sedentary workers stuck at a desk all day, who feel pain and stiffness due to recurrent position misalignment.


What to expect:  Longer holds will allow you to stretch the deep tissues increasing the strength and flexibility of your spine and back muscles.  


Your entire body will feel lengthened, free of pain and fully revitalized. Start your weekend fresh and energized!



Friday 15 February, 12:00 pm – 1:15 pm

Location: Prana Yoga Space,  7 Harrow Place, 1st Floor, (entrance at rear), London E1 7DB


Duration: 75 minutes

Fee: Regular £11, Concession £7 (using code: CONCESSION)

Limited space available, booking online required. 


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